Amazing New Social App Allows You To Connect With Millions Of Prospects… Instantly!


By Michael Frank Hoffmann

A new software application will enable sales professionals to connect with prospective customers without having to form disingenuous relationships on social media platforms in a hopeless attempt to generate business by sending poorly crafted DMs or liking photos of cats.

Phone” is an app that allows you to manually enter a sequence of digits that are assigned to a fixed-line telephone or a wireless device.  The sequence is transmitted through a cellular network, which then interfaces with an intended recipient, who is alerted of the attempt to communicate with them by a series of tones or a ringing sound that will emanate from their device.

Once a successful connection has been established, each parties voice is converted into an electrical signal that is transmitted via radio waves much like a walkie-talkie. Unlike sending an unsolicited email which can go unanswered, feedback is almost instantaneous when engaging a prospect in this type of verbal dialogue.

“I love this app!”, says Pat Murphy, an insurance salesman. “I used to send hundreds of emails each day, but never got a response. I didn’t know if they got read, got deleted, or if they ended up in the spam folder. I never knew if the marketplace was getting my message. Now that I use the Phone app, I can engage my prospects in an actual phone presentation. When they tell me to F@&K OFF and add their number to my Do Not Call list, I know they got my message.”

Phone is available in iOS and Android.

Published June 18, 2019.

Published by

Michael Frank Hoffmann

Michael Frank Hoffmann is an Independent Agent with David Allen Capital. Based in Chicago, Michael Frank serves the needs of small business owners throughout the United States. prides himself on providing a personal touch to his clients. While most lending institutions see you as another file, he takes a more hands on approach with you. While most funding organizations work a 9-5 business day, Michael Frank works round the clock to accommodate his clients needs. If you are a small business owner and you need working capital, Michael Frank can be reached at 708.292.8866.

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